Ralph G. Perry Award

Ralph Perry was one of the founders of The St. Pete Mad Dogs Triathlon Club. He was an accomplished Civil Engineer in New York (one of his achievements included work on the World Trade Center) before he became a triathlete and co-founded the St. Pete Mad Dogs. Apart from his multiple Ironman finishes (including Kona), Ralph is best remembered for his positive attitude, his spirit of giving back to the triathlon community, great sportsmanship and his smile!

Each year at we honor his memory by giving a plaque to The Mad Dog of the Year in the form of the Ralph G. Perry Award, the club’s highest and most prestigious honor.


Past winners include:

2000 – Roger Burke

2001 – Kathy Morgan

2002 – Bela Molnar

2003 – Donna Tudor

2004 – Carolyn Kiper

2005 – Janell Cory

2006 – Larry & Jackie Yost

2007 – Angela Hawkes

2008 – Lisa Kaschak & Barbara Burke

2009 – Tim Hudson

2010 – Gail Lohman

2011  – Annette Frisch

2012 – Clare Kelly

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