Key Club Committees & Contacts

As a grass-roots organization with 3000+ members, it takes a lot of teamwork and triathletes to keep everything running smoothly and our members having fun training, racing and howling. Our Board of Directors is backed up by a group of core volunteers, without whom, the club simply could not function. Would you like to join one of our committees? Please click on “Sponsor or Volunteer” at left or contact any one of the committees directly. As founding Mad Dog #2, Kathy Morgan says, “If we all do a little, no one person has to do a lot.”


Now accepting sponsorship applications for 2022-2023. Contact

The Membership Committee
As a member, you receive a t-shirt, card, directory and new member packet. Ever wonder how that happens? It’s all through the teamwork of Carolyn Kiper (Mad Dog #983). Carolyn receives the membership application, enters the data in the database, and then forwards for our membership cards to be issued and packet assembled with the t-shirt to be delivered to members. Overseeing all of this is Carolyn in her role of Vice President (of Membership). You can contact the committee at

The Newsletter Committee
The Newsletter Editor appoints a committee to assist in the content of the newsletter. Currently, Chuck Lohman compiles Race Results (or you can submit your own at The Birthdays and New Members are provided by the Membership Committee (as well as the Member Application), while the Secretary provides Membership and/or Board Meeting Minutes. The President addresses the Membership with important updates in the President’s letter. Chuck Lohman also works on the ads (and you can contact him at Of course, we’re always looking for people to assist Chuck with content. You can contact the committee by e-mailing

Seasonal: Events Committees
We say “Committees” because generally, we have a rotating series of committees which may be comprised of different people for different events. Events typically include (but are not limited to): Hair of the Dog Triathlon, St. Anthony’s Pre & Post Race Parties, Wednesday Nights, the Anniversary Party and the Christmas Party. If you’re organized, detail-oriented and love to have fun, contact

Seasonal: Homestays
Kathy Morgan (Mad Dog #2) and Carolyn Kiper (Mad Dog #983) are the two main contacts for St. Anthony’s Pro-Triathlete Homestays. You can reach Carolyn at or Kathy at

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